7 Benefits for Physical Health in an Assisted Living Facility

You’ve probably heard a lot about the convenience of assisted living — a place where your meals are cooked and your chores are done for you. But have you considered the impact on toonour physical health in an assisted living facility? You may be surprised by the extensive impact these places can have on making you healthier. 

We’ll reveal how assisted living can help your physical health and why our residents love living at Cedar Cove. 

7 Benefits for Physical Health in an Assisted Living Facility 

1. Physical Fitness—Right Down the Hall!

Assisted living facilities have exercise rooms and equipment that you can use, with no gym membership required. At Cedar Cove, we offer regular exercise classes that offer physical benefits no matter what your fitness level. 

Exercise is vital for seniors because it not only reduces their risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, but it also improves balance, greatly reducing the risk of falls. It can even help battle depression. 

2. Your Healthcare Team Is Easily Accessible

At Cedar Cove, we work closely in conjunction with your doctors and other members of your healthcare team. It’s one of the many benefits for your physical health in an assisted living facility. This means we are in constant contact, following up on treatment plans, dispensing medication as directed and notifying them if there is any change in your condition.

This means you’ll have easy access to your team whenever needed.

3. Nutritious Meals Made Easy

Eating right is an important aspect of your overall health. When you’re at home, this can be challenging, especially juggling the hassle of grocery shopping . It’s also difficult to scrutinize nutrition labels. 

In assisted living in Wilmington at Cedar Cove, we’ll take care of that for you. Our dining options are carefully aligned with your dietary needs. We even tailor heart-healthy meals to fit your treatment plan. 

4. Assisted Living Helps Improve Your Mental Health

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 15 percent of those 60 and older have a mental health issue. Assisted living can help provide access to health care and social network. This will go a long way toward improving mental health. 

Mental health is just as important as physical health and assisted living relationships not only keep older adults from being lonely and isolated, but it enables them to establish new friendships. 

5. Assisted Living Minimizes the Chances of Having a Fall

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of four older adults will fall every year in the U.S. Falls can lead to hip fractures, particularly among those who have osteoporosis—a condition that is common in the aging population. 

We help safeguard your physical health in an assisted living facility by ensuring that we have handrails and call systems in place. Everything in our assisted living facility in Wilmington is designed with your needs in mind. 

6. Assisted Living Can Provide Additional Security and Safety

For many adults with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, it’s important to maintain a secure environment to prevent wandering or the agitation that can sometimes accompany these disorders. 

Our memory care center provides specially trained staff in a safe and stimulating environment to meet the needs of these residents. 

7. Access to Medication Management

A big part of your physical health in an assisted living facility centers around following the medication recommendations of your physician. This can be challenging—especially when you take into consideration that 40 percent of older Americans regularly take five or more prescription drugs. Another 20 percent take 10 or more. 

Medication management centers around ensuring that all medicines are taken as directed, that there are no interactions, and that any changes are passed along to the entire health care team. 

Your Physical Health in an Assisted Living Facility Is Too Important to Overlook

We’ve reviewed how time in an assisted living facility has benefits for your physical health. But it also has another, more intangible benefit: It enables you to expand your horizons, take up new hobbies and make new friends.

See why our residents love living at our assisted living facility in Wilmington. We’d love to welcome you to your new home. Just contact us to schedule a tour.