Overcoming the Fear Keeping Seniors from Moving Into Assisted Living

Change is hard.

It’s a transformative process, and it’s not taken lightly.

Especially when that means where you’re going to spend the next chapter of your life.

When you realize it’s time to move into an assisted living community, a flood of emotions can easily overcome you. What about your house? How can you even begin to pack? Will you make any friends?

We understand that there may be some anxiety when faced with moving into assisted living homes, and we want to place your mind at ease and give you some tips for starting this new adventure.

Important Things to Know When Planning to Move to Assisted Living Communities

1. Don’t Be Too Overwhelmed by Moving

Yes, it is a huge task, and no one enjoys moving. Look at this as a chance to purge, getting rid of things that you rarely use.

Of course, downsizing doesn’t mean selling all your precious items. Many family photos, artwork and new décor will fit nicely in your new home. The things that don’t can be given to relatives, friends, grandchildren, or even placed in storage.

Enlist the help of friends and family who support your move and want to be there for you. More importantly, focus on making sure you’re choosing the best assisted living community.

2. Remember: You’ll Still Be Independent

Moving into an assisted living community doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your independence. Just the opposite, in fact. While for many, it may have become unsafe to live at home, assisted living means you have your own space, your own area, but you always have help available if it’s needed.

In assisted living, mundane tasks are taken care of for you, so you have the freedom to concentrate on activities, hobbies and finding new friends.

3. You won’t be lonely

We understand that you may be moving out of your neighborhood, but you’ll find several new friends at Cedar Cove, where we keep our residents busy with activities and outings. We make it easy to meet new people who share your same interests.

In fact, you’ll find that living in your own assisted living community in many ways makes it much easier to make friends than you may realize.

4. You won’t be bored

Boredom is something that won’t enter your mind at Cedar Cove, where we have a large slate of activities for you. In addition to outings, we offer social events and religious services. Don’t worry, you’ll also get your share of relaxation, whether it’s engaging in a hobby or having a leisurely cup of coffee in our beautiful courtyard.

5. It’s more affordable than you may think

You might be surprised to learn that, when you take into account home maintenance and other related expenses, that assisted living is actually a good value. Remember, assisted living costs include dining services and community amenities.

Adjusting to Assisted Living

After you have moved to your new home, we know there are several adjustments you must make to get used to your new surroundings. We’ve got some advice for easing the transition.

1. Be Willing to Embrace New Things

Change isn’t always easy. We recognize that. But you should also realize that this next chapter of your life will bring new friends, joy and a chance for you to be free from mundane chores of daily life.

2. Get Involved

Whether you’re interested in worship activities or going on one of our outings, we encourage you to take advantage of all Cedar Cove has to offer. Through these, you’ll find it much easier to meet people and get used to your new surroundings.

3. Keep In Touch With Friends, Family and Neighbors

Of course, just because you’ve moved into assisted living doesn’t mean giving up those who are dear to you! Keep in touch whether that’s through email, phone calls or letters. You can keep abreast of what’s happening in their lives and let them know of the new experiences you’re having.

4. Personalize Your Surroundings

Just because you’ve had to downsize doesn’t mean that you have to give up all the things you love. Feel free to put your personal touch on your room’s décor. It will make your new place feel like home faster.

Residents Love Living at Cedar Cove Assisted Living Community

While it may be hard to give up the garden, the yard and the house, assisted living offers some very distinct advantages. These include freedom from home maintenance, socialization and help if you need it.

In addition to 36 assisted living spaces, Cedar Cove also offers 28 memory care rooms. Memory care specializes in helping those who have Alzheimer’s or other types of dementias. Through our specially trained staff, we’re able to help these residents by providing an area that is both stimulating and safe in order for them to thrive.

Are you –or is someone you love—considering assisted living? If so, we invite you to discover why our residents enjoy Cedar Cove so much. Contact us today or schedule a tour using the form below for more information.