What Does a Memory Care Community Do? Our Safety and Security

You’ve seen your loved one gradually decline. Perhaps, at first, you tried to dismiss it as forgetfulness, but eventually, they were diagnosed with dementia. This leaves you with challenging responsibilities: 

How can you best care for them? 

How can you be sure they are safe? 

Are there certain things you can do to help stimulate their mind?

And most importantly–will you be able to care for them at home?

You may have heard of memory care communities and wondered ‘What does a memory care community do?’

We’re here to answer some common questions about memory care communities, what we do, and how we can provide an environment for your loved one that is both soothing and stimulating. 

At Cedar Cove, we believe that your loved one should be treated with dignity and respect, and that’s why we treat our residents as if they were members of our own family. We’re also family-owned and operated, so you won’t be dealing with a faceless corporation when you work with our dedicated staff. We invite you to take a tour to learn more about our Memory Care.

What Does a Memory Care Community Do?

A Memory Care Center, like the one at our assisted living community, provides safety, security and care for those with dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease. Residents of this center have access to the same benefits as our other assisted living residents—nutritious meals, private rooms, and a helping hand whenever needed.

However, we realize that our memory care residents need specialized assistance. They must be in an environment that is secure, but not restrictive. That’s why our memory care is staffed with employees who are experts at working with this population.

What does that mean to you? 

It means your loved one will get all the benefits of assisted living while getting extra attention and care that is specially designed for those with dementia.

Do Dementia Patients Do Better at Home?

You want to be surrounded by family. When someone you love has dementia, it’s a heartbreaking time, and you believe it may help for them to be surrounded by familiar things and people.

Dementia is a progressive illness. While you may be able to help your loved one at home, it’s likely their condition will get worse. What may be manageable one day can easily become extremely demanding and stressful within weeks or months. 

While you may be thinking of caring for them at home, you also have to consider safety.

Has your loved one ever wandered away?

Have they ever gotten lost in familiar surroundings?

Could they possibly walk into traffic?

Have they ever forgotten to turn off the stove?

These situations can be alarming and dangerous. However, if you have the care and support of a memory care community in Wilmington like ours at Cedar Cove, you transition out of your role as caregiver and can step back into your role as son, daughter or spouse—enabling you to spend time with them without additional anxiety and stress. 

What Is a Secure Dementia Unit?

A secure dementia unit – we call ours a memory care center – is a section of an assisted living community that is specially designed for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. 

In these units, we have employees who have specialized training for helping those with dementia. Their compassion and empathy enable them to provide the highest level of care—engaging your loved one while, at the same time, keeping them safe. Doors are alarmed, and while residents can move freely about the unit, they are closely supervised by staff.

However, our staff does much more than merely watch over our patients. They create a sense of community, participating in activities and games that provide mental stimulation, while at the same time, ensuring safety and security. 

What Does a Memory Care Community Do? Provide Safety and Security So You Can Have Peace of Mind

Dementia is a disease that robs so many of their most wonderful memories. It can also transform personalities and create challenges in every facet of daily life. 

You’ve probably seen the results firsthand. We know it’s important for you to care for your loved one, but what should you do when you’re unable to provide the level of care they need? What will happen if you’re unable to give 24/7 support and supervision?

Don’t worry. Our Memory Care Center will provide the peace of mind you need. Allow us the privilege of taking care of your loved one so you can spend your time visiting with them and savoring every moment of your time together. 

Want to know more? We’d love to give you a tour. Schedule one today because our spaces fill quickly.