Why Should I Put My Parent in Assisted Living?

It’s hard to see someone you love lose some of their independence, but assisted living makes it possible for them to live as independently as safely possible.

Change is always difficult. And when your mother, father, or spouse becomes at greater risk of falls, assisted living is often the best choice for them.

Why assisted living? We’ll take a look at 7 main reasons why it is a solution that provides both independence and safety.

7 Key Advantages of Putting Mom and Dad in an Assisted Living Facility

Senior Parents Can Retain Their Level of Independent Living

Many people mistakenly believe that finding assisted living is like looking for a nursing home or skilled nursing care.

It isn’t.

Assisted living is for those who don’t have extensive health problems that need 24/7 supervision or nursing care.

In assisted living, your loved one is able to live as independently as safety possible while a health care team provides assistance if needed.

Parents Get Help With the Daily Living Tasks

As your loved one ages, bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living may become more difficult. Assisted living provides help with these tasks if needed.

Assisted living can also adapt to your loved one’s changing needs.

For example, perhaps they were once able to get dressed but now arthritis or other health issues make it difficult. The health care team will adapt in order to create a plan that is tailored to meet your loved one’s current needs.

Home Maintenance for Seniors Is a Thing of The Past

Ask yourself this: How long have your parents been living in their home? As houses age, they need more maintenance, such as new roofs or well systems. It’s easily overwhelming.

That’s another advantage of assisted living—no need to worry about home maintenance. Any tasks or minor repairs that need to be done in the assistive living area are easily handled by our maintenance team.

Need help making a decision? Consider the age of the house and how much time and money is put into home maintenance. You should also remember that as your loved one ages, even something as simple as mowing the lawn can put them at risk for a fall or injury.

Top Rated Assisted Living Care Will Ensure Their Privacy Is Respected

Assisted living is like having your own home-like environment. While there are several opportunities for social activities, privacy is respected. Each resident has their own space, and there’s no requirement for them to take part in group activities.

Residents can also decorate their living area to their taste. We encourage it!

Social Opportunities and Activities for Seniors Abound

Don’t worry about your spouse or parent not having anyone to socialize with. Assisted living residences like those at Cedar Cove have a wide variety of activities to meet any interest. This presents the perfect opportunity to get to know the neighbors or pick up a new hobby.

Activities include arts and crafts, scheduled outings, religious services and a lot more. Assisted living is designed to respect privacy and give opportunities to meet new friends.

On-Site Memory Care Makes Treating Parents with Dementia / Alzheimer’s Safer

At Cedar Cove, we have a memory care living unit at our community, designed to help those who have Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

We understand that these diseases are especially heartbreaking. That’s why we have staff that is specifically trained in helping these residents by providing stimulating activities in a memory care living unit that is safe, surrounded by compassionate care.

Dining Options Make Cooking, Eating and Socializing Easy for Senior Parents

Are you concerned that mom or dad isn’t eating enough at home? Maybe they’ve lost their interest in cooking or are just too exhausted to make the extra effort to cook something healthy.

As we age, it’s important for meals to be both delicious and nutritious—although this can be a daily challenge.

Assisted living provides regular meals in a dining room where residents don’t have to eat alone. This is another perfect opportunity for getting to know the neighbors.

Cedar Cove Could Be Your Parents’ Best Choice for Assisted Living and Memory Care in Coastal North Carolina

We will care for your parents as if they were our own. With a friendly, highly-qualified staff, we want you to know that the ones you love are in good hands.

We offer spacious courtyards and special events. We form a bond with our residents, and we can honestly say that we are like a family.

In addition, we’re located in the beautiful coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina, where your loved one will be minutes away from gorgeous beaches, restaurants and shopping.

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