Do You Need Advance Care Planning for a Chronic Condition?

Advance care planning for a chronic condition is vital to ensure your loved ones know and understand your wishes if you’re unable to make these desires known. While these are challenging conversations to have, they are vital and can help alleviate the stress on your family in an emergency.

At Cedar Cove, we will work with you to ensure you have information on the resources available to you for advance care planning. We can also point you in the right direction if you need further guidance. This is one of the many advantages of working with an assisted living community in Wilmington, where you can live as independently as is safely possible. 

In this article, we’ll look at how chronic conditions can affect advance care directives, and what are some of the limitations. We’ll also examine why advance care planning for a chronic condition is important.

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Do You Need Advance Care Planning for a Chronic Condition?

Millions of Americans live with chronic conditions. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 6 in 10 Americans have a chronic disease, while 4 in 10 have two chronic diseases or more. This amounts to $4.1 trillion in annual healthcare-related costs. This is why advanced care planning and chronic conditions demand careful consideration.

Yes, you need advance care planning for a chronic condition.

Benefits of Advance Care Planning for a Chronic Condition

Living with a chronic illness, whether it’s heart disease or Type 2 diabetes, means that the path ahead can be uncertain. While regular healthcare visits, medications, and other treatments can help you manage chronic diseases, these illnesses can be unpredictable. 

Due to this unpredictability, you should know that your advance care plan may need regular updates. Remember that advance care planning for a chronic condition is an ongoing conversation instead of a one-time action.

This is why you must have a say in your healthcare, even when you may not be able to voice your opinions. Advance care planning makes that possible. Don’t leave your loved ones questioning what you would want in a serious situation. Give them the peace of mind of knowing with certainty. 

What Are Some Limitations of Advance Care Planning?

While these plans can help in a wide array of cases, they can’t predict every possible scenario, such as advance care planning for a chronic illness. In certain cases, your healthcare proxy or family may need to decide if a particular situation hasn’t been covered in your advance care planning. 

It’s also vital to be sure that your plan is clear and everyone understands it. Challenges can arise when there are misunderstandings among family members or healthcare providers.

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When Should Advance Care Planning Be Discussed?

Don’t wait until your disease progresses to discuss your wishes. Ideally, you should start discussing them when you’re diagnosed with a condition. As your condition changes, update your document to reflect any new treatments or health care plans to ensure everything stays relevant.

Can Family Override an Advance Care Directive?

Typically, advance directives should be respected because they are binding legal documents. However, they can still be challenged. If a family member believes that your advance directive was made under duress or if it no longer reflects your current wishes, they may contest it. 

We recommend that with this, and all other legal matters, you consult with an attorney to ensure you have the most accurate, timely information possible. 

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